About us

LitaHorti – personal, customised, sustainable, and high-quality marketing, communication and business development solution for You at all times

Our work is characterised by:

  • impression – perceiving one’s needs;
  • expression – knowing how to achieve them;
  • improvisation – professional implementation.

You, dear clients, are of paramount importance to us each and every one with your aims and aspirations, wishes and expectations, experience and innovativeness. In our communication with you we rely on the simple secret that it is only with the heart that one can see rightly: “What is essential is invisible to the eye” (The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry).


We are ready to listen to you, to create and advise, and to fulfil your wishes without compromising precision and quality. We offer you and your business:

  • Customised marketing and communication solutions and their implementation

    UAB LitaHorti marketing and communication solutions are the team effort of our professionals. Each project is customised, sustainable, well thought out and fulfilled in a quality manner.
    Our solutions are aimed at the exclusivity, awareness and growth of your business, they are based on innovative solutions and protection of the natural environment.

  • Business development consultancy and commercial mediation

    UAB LitaHorti consultancy services include individual expert advice and recommendations, which will help you to avoid mistakes and make sustainable decisions to expand and profitably develop your business in a constantly changing competitive business environment in Lithuania and in the international markets.

  • Sustainable, value-added corporate gifts

    The uniqueness of the corporate gifts of UAB LitaHorti is our passion and individual approach to every client to whom the gift is presented. Our corporate gifts and packaging feature sustainability, impeccable design, natural high-quality raw materials and the warmth of hands and hearts of diligent creators. Our corporate gifts include works of art and culture, printed material, and food products of outstanding value, high quality and design recognized in many countries.

Thank you

  • JSC “Adama Northern Europe”
  • IE “ADS Press”
  • “Agroeta”
  • Agroindustrial Kimitec SL
  • JSC “Agrosfera”
  • JSC “Agrospelta”
  • “Anorel NV”
  • JSC “Arvi kalakutai”
  • JSC “Balheidas”
  • JSC “Baltic Agro”
  • JSC “Baltijos brasta”
  • JSC “Balto trader”
  • JSC “Baltų lankų leidyba”
  • JSC “Bayer”
  • JSC “Belor”
  • Belor Eurofer GmbH
  • AB “BELOR Svenska”
  • OU “Berner Eesti”
  • JSC “Best Fert”
  • JSC “Bigso”
  • Biovita Fertilizer SL
  • JSC “Daigai”
  • JSC “Eicore”
  • JSC “Echo Stamp”
  • JSC “Financial World”
  • JSC “Glasremis”
  • JSC “Grain Lt”
  • OY “Hankkija”
  • JSC “Heliopolis”
  • JSC “Ilgis”
  • Kaunas Applied Arts School
  • Vilnius IFF “Kino pavasaris”
  • JSC “Krasta Auto”
  • JSC “Leoginta”
  • JSC “Libra Vitalis”
  • JSC “Lietuvos cukrus”
  • JSC “Litexpo”
  • SC “Luminor Bank”
  • JSC “LV Agro”
  • JSC “Melga”
  • JSC “Metalo forma”
  • JSC “Moller Auto”
  • JSC “Nostra”
  • JSC “Noringė”
  • JSC “Novalda”
  • JSC “Olego transportas” (Ollex)
  • JSC “Panevėžio spaustuvė”
  • JSC “Premium Travel Service”
  • JSC “Pozicija”
  • JSC “PrintPack Service”
  • JSC “RIC Creative”
  • JSC “Rokvesta”
  • JSC “Sandėliukų centras”
  • JSC “SBA baldai”
  • JSC “S. Jokužio leidykla-spaustuvė”
  • JSC “Skonis ir kvapas”
  • SC “SEB Bankas”
  • JSC “Spaudos idėjos”
  • JSC “Spaudos Praktika”
  • JSC “Specagra”
  • JSC “Sulfatas”
  • JSC “Sveikatos Sala”
  • SAU “Tradecorp International”
  • JSC “Tetra Pak”
  • JSC “Vagos prekyba”
  • JSC “Vestekspress”
  • JSC “Vitera”
  • JSC “Vilneda”
  • Vilnius Academy of Arts
  • JSC “Žvalguva”
  • SIA “Žvalguva”

With your trust, we can grow, create, and implement projects with precision and quality to make good memories and mutually beneficial cooperation last.

We are grateful to the artist, Indrė Stulgaitė-Kriukienė, for permission to use photographs (by Aleksandras Sidorenko) of her original works The Little Prince Planet I and The Little Prince Planet II on JSB LitaHorti website.


Su Jumis susipažinti ir atlikti praktiką įmonėje LitaHorti, buvo didelis žingsnis mano prasidedančioje mažytėje karjeroje. Žaviuosi jūsų patirtimi ir mokėjimu perduoti visas žinias praktikantui. Ačiū, buvo labai malonu bendradarbiauti.
Venue du froid
Nuostabus ir gerų emocijų pilnas bendradarbiavimas! Labai pradžiugino idėjų gausa ir atidumas detalėms. Būtinai dirbsime kartu prie kito projekto!
Lily Foster
Very original, environmentally friendly and well-functioning marketing tools. Thank you and good luck.
Lily Foster, Mexico
Marie Jouenne
Merci beaucoup pour les projets communs! Nous vous souhaitons bonne chance dans ce domaine.
Małgorzata Lososová Ungrádová
Thank you very much for your great resume. Your preparation of our seminar was very professional and we hope to meet you again by similar occasion.
Thank you once again and best regards
Małgorzata Lososová Ungrádová
Sales Manager, Key Account Manager
Sales Network Coordination
Kristina, Kauno taikomosios dailės mokykla
Miela Jūrate,
Dėkojame už malonų bendradarbiavimą, nuoširdžią pagalbą, įvairiapusę paramą mokyklai.
Kristina, Kauno taikomosios dailės mokykla
UAB "Olego transportas"
Miela Jūrate, norėčiau padėkoti Jums už profesionalumą, atsakingumą ir malonų bendradarbiavimą.
Mindaugas Bilevičius
Transporto vadybininkas
UAB "Olego transportas" ("Ollex")
Catalin Sevastin Chemarkrom , Romania
Dear Jurate, very beautiful moments in your movie. We felt very well in your country and fore sure we will return in to the future. Thank you for your implication on the best organization I saw.
Mondi, Austria
Jurate, perly prekraaaaasnyje !!!! Oni uze na seje i perfektno prinadlezat. K mine i tíže k mojemu platje. Spasibo milion raz !!!!
Regina i Beata
Mondi, Austria
Laura Gómez
Dear Jurate, thank you for the great effort you made with us. It was a fantastic week in Vilnius despite of being working hard!
Best regards
Laura Gómez
Technical & Corporate Marketing
Tradecorp Central Office
Miela Jūrate,
norisi padėkoti už malonų bendradarbiavimą. Esate patikima, besilaikanti žodžio, supratinga ir siekianti geriausio rezultato. Visada malonu ir lengva bendrauti.
Su geriausiais linkėjimais,
Daiva Urbanavičiūtė
Miela Jūrate,
Visada malonu bendrauti ir dirbti su Jumis! Puikiai išmanote, organizuojate ir sprendžiate pačius įvairiausius darbinius klausimus. Esate tolerantiška, kompetetinga. Žinanti ir siekianti savo tikslų. Šiltas ir sumanus vadovas su kuriuo malonu ir smagu bendradarbiauti.
Vilija Mačienė
Bayer SIA
Thank you so much! I look forward to working with you in the future.
Jana Tambovceva
WZ Eurocopert Sp. z o.o.
First of all thank you so much for the parcel it was in, a very nice and unexpected surprise.
I would also like to thank you for the co-operation and support this year and I am looking forward to next ones working with you!
Aneta Chałaczkiewicz
Libra Vitalis UAB | IGEPA group
Ačiū už viską. Kaip visada - viskas profesionalu, subtilu ir laiku!
Dalius Siudikas


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