About us

LitaHorti is the right marketing decision for You, ensuring personal and customised, precise and high-quality approach.
Our work is characterised by:

  • Impression – perceiving one’s needs;
  • Expression – knowing how to achieve them;
  • Improvisation – professional implementation.

You, dear clients, are of paramount importance to us each and every one as a personality with your aims and aspirations, wishes and expectations, experience and innovativeness.
We revisit the inspiring words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in his legendary novella “The Little Prince” said by the Prince: “What is essential is invisible to the eye.” So sometimes heart sees what is invisible to the eyes. Together, through cooperation, we will discover whether we have not become those adults who couldn’t care less and who rush through life like an express train.


We are ready to listen to you, to create and advise, and to fulfil your wishes without compromising precision and quality. We offer to private individuals and corporate clients (in Lithuania and abroad):

  • drawing up individual, confidential marketing strategies and plans;
  • organizing business events;
  • arranging conferences, seminars, trainings;
  • organizing business and study visits;
  • accommodation;
  • booking business breakfast, lunch, dinner;
  • organizing business trips and tours;
  • rural gastronomic tourism;
  • unique corporate gifts of lasting value;
  • design and high-quality printing work;
  • interior and exterior advertising;
  • business consulting and commercial intermediation.

Thank you

  • JSC „Adama Northern Europe“
  • IE „ADS Press“
  • „Agroeta“
  • Agroindustrial Kimitec S.L
  • JSC „Agrosfera“
  • JSC „Agrospelta“
  • Anorel NV
  • JSC „Arvi kalakutai“
  • JSC „Balheidas“
  • JSC „Baltic Agro“
  • JSC „Baltijos brasta“
  • JSC „Balto trader“
  • JSC „Baltų lankų leidyba“
  • JSC „Bayer“
  • JSC „Belor“
  • Belor Eurofer GmbH
  • AB „BELOR Svenska“
  • OU „Berner Eesti“
  • JSC „Best Fert“
  • JSC „Bigso“
  • JSC „Daigai“
  • JSC „Eicore“
  • JSC „Echo Stamp“
  • JSC „Financial World“
  • JSC „Glasremis“
  • JSC „Grain Lt“
  • OY „Hankkija“
  • JSC „Heliopolis“
  • JSC „Ilgis“
  • Kaunas Applied Arts School
  • Vilnius IFF „Kino pavasaris“
  • JSC „Krasta Auto“
  • JSC „Leoginta“
  • JSC „Libra Vitalis“
  • JSC „Lietuvos cukrus“
  • JSC „Litexpo“
  • SC „Luminor Bank“
  • JSC „LV Agro
  • JSC „Melga“
  • JSC „Metalo forma“
  • JSC „Moller Auto“
  • JSC „Nostra“
  • JSC „Noringė“
  • JSC „Novalda“
  • JSC „Olego transportas“ (Ollex)
  • JSC „Panevėžio spaustuvė“
  • JSC „Premium Travel Service“
  • JSC „Pozicija“
  • JSC „PrintPack Service“
  • JSC „RIC Creative“
  • JSC „Rokvesta“
  • JSC „Sandėliukų centras“
  • JSC „SBA baldai“
  • JSC „S. Jokužio leidykla-spaustuvė“
  • JSC „Skonis ir kvapas“
  • SC „SEB Bankas“
  • JSC „Spaudos idėjos“
  • JSC „Spaudos Praktika“
  • JSC „Specagra“
  • JSC „Sulfatas“
  • JSC „Sveikatos Sala“
  • SAU „Tradecorp International“
  • JSC „Tetra Pak“
  • JSC „Vagos prekyba“
  • JSC „Vestekspress“
  • JSC „Vitera“
  • JSC „Vilneda“
  • Vilnius Academy of Arts
  • JSC „Žvalguva“
  • SIA „Žvalguva“

With your trust, we can grow, create, and implement projects with precision and quality to make good memories and mutually beneficial cooperation last.

We are grateful to the artist, Indrė Stulgaitė-Kriukienė, for permission to use photographs (by Aleksandras Sidorenko) of her original works The Little Prince Planet I and The Little Prince Planet II on JSB LitaHorti website.


  • JSC „LitaHorti“
  • Ateities str. 10
  • LT-08303 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Company code 303041884
  • VAT code LT100007670717
  • Tel.+370 663 56077
  • E-mail: litahorti@litahorti.lt